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In spite of the many challenges facing people with serious mental illness, returning to work is the number one dream of many people with whom we work. We have been successful in helping hundreds of people return to work. From the very supportive Transitional Employment program to the less intensive assistance of Supported Employment and Independent Employment, we are able to assist members with their employment goals wherever they are in their recovery.

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Transitional Employment is a highly structured program for members returning to work in local business and industry. Transitional Employment placements are at the employer’s place of business, are part-time (15-20 hours per week), and include a lot of on-the-job and off-site support from Clubhouse staff and other members. These placements generally last from six to nine months. Members can then try another placement or move on to independent employment. Transitional Employment is specifically designed as a vocational rehabilitation program where a member can gain or re-gain the skills and confidence necessary to have a job while he or she is employed in a “real world” position. The only requirement for the member to participate in Transitional Employment is the expressed desire to work.


Supported Employment is a Clubhouse employment program, in which members receive help accessing and being successful with employment at a community business or public employer.  However, Supported Employment positions are not time limited. They can be career-oriented and may provide opportunities for advancement within the company. The Clubhouse staff still provide on-site and off-site support for the member and the employer as needed and requested. There is usually a competitive interview process for the position, and the job is not set aside for the Clubhouse. In Supported Employment, the job may be full- or part-time and paid at the prevailing wage for the position. The type and duration of the support provided to the member and the employer may differ from member to member, and from job to job, and may eventually no longer be needed.

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