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Eligibility Criteria for Membership at Light of Hope Clubhouse

1. Must have a primary diagnosis of a serious mental illness (formerly Axis 1) such as
depression, bipolar, schizoaffective, or schizophrenia. The functional impairment is due to
serious mental illness involving mood, thought, or anxiety disorders, not developmental disabilities or
personality disorders.

2. To ensure the potential member meets our eligibility criteria, Clubhouse services are
not appropriate:

a. For individuals who exhibit behaviors that would threaten or pose a current
safety risk to themselves or others. This includes the risk of physical violence as
well as damage to the collegial nature of the Clubhouse community.

b. A severity of symptoms requiring a more intensive level of treatment.
c. Behaviors that disrupt the daily work of the Clubhouse.
d. Behaviors that require excessive redirection and/or monitoring.


3. Must indicate an interest in rehabilitation/recovery goals (e.g. employment,
education, housing, or social and interpersonal competencies).


4. Must be 18 years of age or older.


5. Must be able to independently meet self-care and safety needs. As individuals are
free to come and go as they like from the Clubhouse, they must possess the necessary
safety skills and judgment to move about the community without constant or
one-on-one supervision.

6. Must be a participant of Northeast Michigan Community Mental Health.

7. Must have had a tour with a colleague of the Clubhouse. Tours will culminate with a
debriefing to answer questions and assess potential interest and fit with our program.
Referrals will not be approved if the prospective member has not had a tour.

To schedule, please call 989.340.0558 or email us at

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