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Goal Writing Guide

Social and interpersonal competencies: conversational competency, developing and/or maintaining positive self-image, interpersonal problem-solving; regaining the ability to evaluate the motivation and feelings of others to establish and maintain positive relationships.

Phrases that should not be utilized in this objective: gain social skills, increase my social circle, increase social skills, increase socialization.

Community living competencies: self-care, cooking, money management, personal grooming, maintenance of living environment.

Personal adjustment competencies: developing and enhancing intrapersonal abilities and problem-solving in everyday

experiences, resolving crises, or managing stress with the goal of facilitating self-efficacy and personal independence.


Vocational competencies: focused tasks that teach how to apply for jobs, conduct employment interviews; provide opportunities of graded steps to promote job entry or reentry; improve co-worker communication and relationships; task focus and completion, etc.


Cognitive competency: task-oriented activities to develop and maintain cognitive abilities, to maximize independent functioning such as increased attention, improved concentration, better memory, and enhanced empathy

Unit Reference Guide

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